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E-Backup and Restore Solutions

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E-Backup and
Restore Solutions

NRC’s SAS 70 certified e-backup and restore solutions meet complex regulatory requirements, including those of HIPAA.

  • Automated Processing
  • Off-Site Data Storage
  • 24/7 File Restoration
  • Encrypted Data Transmission

Safeguarding critical business data today means more than having a backup plan: It means ensuring that every aspect of backup, transmission, storage and recovery meet stringent privacy and security requirements to protect your confidential customer, patient, client, employee and business data.

NRC’s E-Backup and Restore data backup, archiving and recovery service utilizes proven technology previously available only to Fortune 500 companies, but with an interface designed to be used by any size organization. It is user-friendly, reliable, secure and cost-effective.

Keep Your Data Away From Disaster for 24/7/365 Recovery

NRC’s data backups are transmitted to two off-site, geographically dispersed data centers, keeping your data safe in the face of a physical interruption. Files can be restored immediately without recovering physical devices. NRC is available to assist in the recovery process and ensure that your data is restored quickly and correctly.

Simple Installation, Minimal Downtime, Secure Transmission

NRC can create automated backup routines within minutes, giving your internal staff full visibility of all off-site data storage activity. Ongoing regular processing occurs around your business operations to limit or even end scheduled downtimes. The data is transmitted using 256 bit AES encryption using SSL technology, just as implemented in Defense Department and banking systems.

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