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Has Your Workplace Gone Green Yet? Here’s Why It’s Important

Has Your Workplace Gone Green Yet? Here’s Why It’s Important

Over the past decade sustainability and environmental awareness have grown in importance among both consumers and businesses. The importance of having clean water and air is obvious, and more and more consumers and businesses are starting to see that behaving in environmentally friendly ways not only helps to achieve this, but can also bring about many other benefits as well.

Maintaining a sustainable workplace can bring about many great benefits for your business. Here are some of the reasons your team should be seriously considering the state of sustainability in your organization.

Attractive To Top Talent

There are many factors of a job that can affect it’s attractiveness to employees, but one of the most appealing factors for top-talent employees are company values. These top-tier employees tend to be more attracted to companies with likewise values, and for many those include a strong and active position on sustainability.

Attractive To Younger Employees

According to, 90% of millennials consider sustainability to be a top factor in employment related decisions. Given that millennials are entering the workforce at an increasing rate, this will become a top employment factor for many new and young potential employees. If you’re looking to attract young talent, implementing and maintaining sustainable policies could be an impactful move to make.

Increased Market Value

Studies show, according to the Economist, that there is a positive correlation between a company’s corporate social responsibility performance and it’s stock price. With social media platforms being rampantly used to publicly advertise the positive and negative CSR performance of an organization, public image has become more important than ever before to the success of businesses.

Another potential cause for this trend comes from the operational benefits and efficiencies gained by using sustainable technologies in day to day operations. For example, the use of internet teleconferencing allows businesses to effectively communicate across the world in real time, allowing for more efficient and productive decision making.

Reduced Long Term Expenses

More and more organizations are beginning to realize the long term cost-effectiveness of switching to more sustainable practices. For example, LED lighting uses far less electricity than standard halogen or fluorescent, and bulbs also tend to last much longer before burning out. For organizations this ultimately means a significant savings in energy expenses. As LED bulbs become cheaper, this also creates a savings in maintaining lighting systems as well.

Another outlet of savings previously brought up is that of teleconferencing. Instead of spending large amounts of money on travel allowances, organizations are now capable of holding teleconferencing meetings that can connect individuals located across the world without a necessity to be physically present. This also produces significant travel expense savings for companies that operate on an international scale.

National Records Centers Can Help Your Business Become Sustainable

One of the most popular and easiest ways to begin your trek to sustainability is to reduce paper usage. Reducing paper usage leads to an decrease in offices expenses and lessens the environmental toll that paper production makes.

National Records Centers document scanning and e-backup services can help your business make the shift to an electronic information system easily and stress-free. With 24/7 access to files from anywhere, shifting to an electronic system improves sustainability and efficiency.

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