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Here’s Why Your Business Should Seriously Pay Attention to its Backup Solutions

19 September 2018

Here’s Why Your Business Should Seriously Pay Attention to its Backup Solutions

Computer networks have become commonplace in many large, medium, and even some small businesses in this day and age, but a surprising amount of businesses don’t realize the importance of having an effective backup solution and strategy. If you use computers for your work, you should be thinking about your backup solution.

The idea behind having an effective computer backup system and protocol is that even if security measures fail and the worst possibilities come to fruition, information is still recoverable. If your business has no protocol in place to reduce the possibility of network intrusion or failure, than a backup solution is all the more important.

Some of the benefits of having an e-backup and restore solution include;

  • Cost savings – Setting up equipment internally to host an online backup database can be a very costly project. Costs can really increase if your business wishes to have a system that is located off-site, since rental fees for new properties where the system will be located will also come into play.
  • 24/7 Data access – No matter when or where, data stored on an e-back system is easily available. This allows for easy file searching and minimal downtime in the event of a computer or network failure.
  • Automated backupNRC e-backup solutions are capable of automated backup. This means that nothing is required on your part; systems will be backed up automatically in the background, so you can keep working with peace of mind.
  • Natural disaster protection – NRC’s e-backup solutions are maintained on servers located in two off-site data centers that are dispersed apart from each other. The concept here is that if one site goes down, whether due to power outage, natural disaster or equipment failure (though unlikely,) data is still accessible and recoverable.
  • Highly secure data transfer – Encryption is commonly used in many e-backup solutions. NRC uses 256 bit AES encryption with SSL technology to keep prying eyes away from data. This is similar to the kind of encryption that banks and government defense departments use.

If your business uses computers for anything and doesn’t have a backup system or solution in place, you are carrying a significant amount of risk. NRC’s e-backup and recovery solutions are simple, reliable and cost-effective. No matter where your business is, National Records Center can help. Talk to us today to find out how we can help protect your business from the many computer and network risks out there.