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It’s Time to Get Serious About Cyber Security in 2019

It’s Time to Get Serious About Cyber Security in 2019

By now you likely have some idea about the importance of cyber security. Being a fairly broad term, it’s understandable for many to be unclear about what cyber security is, what it’s about, and the mechanisms it is intended to defend against.

In a brief summary, cyber security is about protecting electronic devices including computers and smartphones, as well as networks and software programs from electronic attacks. Such electronic attacks typically look to alter, access or destroy certain types of data; often sensitive data. Some forms of attacks can even involve extorting victims for money and impacting day to day device usage; something that can be a significant problem for businesses that use computer-based processes to operate (which these days is nearly every business in operation).

A Human Element

Cyber-security relies on a multiple-factor approach to be effective. While maintaining security software and network hardware is often smart, a cyber security protocol also relies on smart usage and behavior from device users. This includes things such as picking strong passwords, avoiding non-secure or questionable websites, and thinking twice before inputting and personal or sensitive information on a website or piece of software.

Email is another area where user discretion is required. It is possible for networks and devices to become infected with malicious software by simply opening emails or attachments. Paying close attention to the sender and their email address is a good first line of defense to refrain from opening malicious emails. To learn more about how to spot suspicious emails, and to test your ability, take a look at Cisco’s phishing quiz.

Mechanisms of Attack

Hackers have many ways of obtaining sensitive information, and a strong cyber security protocol will work to defend against all or most of them. While there are many different mechanisms out there, here is a brief summary of the most commonly used;

  • Phishing – Have you ever received an email that appeared to be from a trustworthy source, but turned out not to be? This is what phishing is; emails from malicious senders posing as trustworthy senders with the intention of fooling the user into providing sensitive information such as credit card or banking information.
  • Malware – Malware is software that is programmed to access information on your device without authorization. There are many different types of malware that function differently.
  • Ransomware – One of the more frightening forms of cyber-attacks. Ransomware is a form of software that blocks access to information on a computer system or network and presents the user with a screen demanding payment for the release of this locked information.

Cyber security has become more important than ever in 2019, with more and more businesses storing sensitive information electronically, and with more businesses operating electronically. This is why it has become important to maintain a strong cyber security protocol, and foster relationships with partners that you can trust to keep your information safe and secure.

National Record Centers takes cyber security very seriously. It’s why we ensure that our e-backup and transfer services are protected with highly secure 256 bit AES encryption with SSL technology. Such protection is commonly used among the most secure organizations worldwide including banks and national defense departments.

We also strive to ensure that information is physically protected as well. Our off-site data centers are geographically placed to ensure that information is secure despite any natural disaster events, and our storage vaults for media and document storage are highly contained with precise climate control, 24 hour security and secure access, and GPS-monitored transportation vehicles.

If your business is looking for a partner to protect your data with a robust cyber security protocol, National Record Center is here for you. To learn more about any of our highly secured storage and recovery services, talk to our expert team today.