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Secure Document Shredding and Media Destruction

Destruction of high-security paper documents or computer media materials must typically conform to stringent written secure document shredding and media destruction policies. These data protection rules and regulations extend beyond the actual shredding to include the entire process of collection, staging, transport, processing and disposal.

To meet these demands, National Records Centers develops custom programs for secure shredding of critical business documents and destruction of sensitive confidential computer media. Every step is controlled and documented to ensure the highest level of integrity and accountability across the destruction service.

As with its Business Records Inventory Destruction services, NRC issues Certificates of Disposal to meet all reporting requirements, and ensures that all recoverable materials are recycled.

Certified High-Security
Document Shredding

  • HIPAA Documents
  • SOX Documents
  • GLB Documents
  • FACTA Documents

Secure Bin Rotation Programs

NRC’s Bin Rotation programs provide locked security collection containers to be placed at the customer location for sensitive document disposal whose contents are destroyed at weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually or on-demand intervals. NRC can shred the contents on-site with its state-of-the-art mobile shredding services, or will rotate bins out for plant-based services to destroy and dispose of the materials at its secure facility.

On Demand On-Site Secure Shredding Services

NRC offers on-demand on-site shredding services to provide documented, auditable destruction of highly confidential materials as needed. As with Bin Rotation programs, a Certificate of Disposal is issued to the entire on-site destruction and disposal process to meet reporting regulations.

Certified Secure
Media Destruction Services

  • CDs and DVDs
  • Hard Drives and SD Cards
  • Computer Tapes
  • X-Rays
  • Blueprints
  • Videos
  • Microfilms

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