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About National Records Centers

National Records Centers Internal Management Process

NRC History

Formed in 1999 and currently headquartered in Dallas, TX, NRC’s offices are located in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area, home to headquarters of many national and international corporations and major health care facilities.

Through our network of independently- owned service providers, NRC offers local service on a national scale to hundreds of national and multi-national organizations.

NRC clients range in size from small independent businesses to Fortune 500 companies. With hundreds of years of combined experience and reputation, we represent exactly what the customer expects: competitive pricing, timely service regardless of geography, local customer care with national support and accountability.

National Records Centers is a unique organization in the business records services industry.

We are a network of independently-owned local businesses operating under the quality umbrella that is the NRC, providing the premier-quality service level expected at a local level, and the geographic reach and oversight required of national and international service providers.


Best in Class Service Providers

National records management providers often sacrifice personal service and local accountability for economic and logistical considerations. Face-to-face, or even person-to-person, communication is often routed through distant call centers with an inherent loss of continuity and interaction. Conflicts are resolved through corporate processes, away from the source of the problem. Overall response time goes down along with service quality.

Our local business-owner members are personally committed to customer satisfaction. Only the best-in-class organizations are chosen to operate within the NRC network. Each member organization and its facilities adhere to stringent NRC operations and security requirements, and compliance is audited regularly by an independent third-party agent. NRC clients experience consistency in service and quality across locations and member providers. We pride ourselves on our file storage company knowledge and skills for making our customers feel good about their decisions to pick us.

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National Reach and Service Continuity

Local and regional records management providers simply can’t offer the reach, visibility, continuity, pricing and account-level management of their national and international counterparts. Without a means of managing records storage activities across the organization, local and regional services often aren’t a viable alternative for multi-location operations.

National Records Centers Inc. was formed by a group of independent records centers entrepreneurs who envisioned the need for an organization which would compete in national and global markets, while delivering the kind of service that they – as local vendors – provide in their own local markets.

Today, with its worldwide consortium of records management providers, NRC offers global services, corporate pricing, account management and data access across every state and major market. All are offered with the NRC corporate mission of unsurpassed customer care, quality of service, information security and accessibility at all levels and locations.

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