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Hardcopy Document Storage & Retrieval

Real Estate and Mortgage Records • Medical Transcript Records
Healthcare Industry Documentation • Human Resources and Payroll Records Insurance Records • Legal Case Files • Corporate Documents
Financial Services Records

NRC’s cost-effective, secure offsite documents storage meets stringent government and industry record retention requirements.

National Records Centers provides premier hard copy document storage and retrieval services to businesses needing offsite document management for active records, as well as corporate document archive services for ongoing business record retention demands.

From medical records, to company document storage, to insurance claims, to legal filings, to real estate documents, National Records Centers offers comprehensive, nationwide hard copy records storage and retrieval services with state-of-the-art storage facilities and inventory management technology.

All NRC locations follow stringent NRC standards in implementing and maintaining security and protection systems, controlling construction, facility access, fire protection and IT systems. We make sure that you have the most secure document storage available. Every facility is audited regularly by a third party to ensure compliance with NRC guidelines.

NRC Providers know you…and your inventory.

When you need to access your inventory and contact NRC on the phone or through the online requests, you are contacting the local facilities where your business records are stored. Your communication isn’t wound across continents or through call centers that add unwanted time and complexity to meeting your needs.

24/7 Online Access to Hard Copy Document Storage Inventory

All NRC clients access real-time document inventory records data through the National NRC Database, a secure, robust, web-based inquiry and order management system. Unique bar coding at both the box and file levels and inventory locations mean accurate, efficient tracking of your business records from pickup to put away to retrieval to deliver.

The National NRC Database application gives clients a fast and convenient way to manage off-site media while simultaneously communicating needs directly with the local service provider. Users can place requests for inventory, search inventory, and view records inventory management reports across all client locations. Access is highly controlled and is configurable within authorization levels at each client.

The NRC offers personalized service that is vastly different from our previous national provider. Their teams are based in the USA. They have become a true business partner and advisor. Oh yeah, and we received significant cost savings over our previous provider.

Director of Operation – National Law Firm

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A representative will get back to you shortly after your message is received.