Conversion of paper documents to digital images
Large production scanning centers strategically located across the U.S.
Transfer of images to removable media
Hosting of images on secure servers for internet access
Scan-on-Demand, electronic delivery of paper documents

Imaging Services and Scan-on-Demand

National Records Centers provides Document Imaging Services to convert your paper documents into electronic formats such as TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) or PDF (Portable Document Format). In addition to indexing these documents, the images can also be processed using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software to create searchable text vastly broadening the search options. NRC helps companies realize the benefits of digital scanning technology without the costly investment in hardware, software, technical staff and training.

Scan-on-Demand Service

Scan-On-Demand is the ultimate in efficiency for clients who have multiple locations, have imaging needs, need immediate access to records, or have offices in other cities or states. Rather than pulling and delivering a file, the file is pulled, the contents are scanned, and the file is returned to its storage location. The image of the file can then be accessed via a secure web connection or emailed to the designated authorized end-user.

We approached NRC to assist our company in a mandated Records Imaging project. We needed to have a large quantity of boxes scanned in a short period of time. No other company we contacted was able to handle this volume, but NRC, with its network of service providers was able to “rally the troops” and line up several providers to work together and complete the project as required.

VP of Corporate Services – National Bank

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A representative will get back to you shortly after your message is received.