Why it is a good time to switch your records storage to the NRC

October 28, 2021 By Peter Rammer, VP of Global Sales

Is this a good time to switch your records storage to the National Records Center?

The answer is YES and here is why:

In the last year, we have seen all the way COVID 19 continues to affect the way we do business. But in that conundrum of misfortune, there are a few positives…

If you are unhappy with the performance of your current provider, this is the perfect time to switch to the NRC. In most cases, hardcopy records are not being accessed during COVID 19. When you switch records storage from one provider to another, it is a little tougher when employees are actively accessing those records. Delays in record retrieval will occur when switching vendors due to removal from an existing facility, secure delivery, and shelving at a new facility. Basically, transit time… So, during a time of demand, recalling records is critical for employees, thus during a downtime (like now), it is the perfect time to move.

The NRC is a consortium consisting of a network of top independent and locally owned Records Storage and Information Management companies that truly care about the customer, all operating under the single umbrella that is the NRC.

The NRC specializes in working with not only local and regional accounts, but National and International multi location accounts headquartered in the US. With years of combined experience and a flawless reputation, NRC represent exactly what every one of our clients expect:

  • Experts that understand your business and will assist your organization in mapping out solutions to meet your specific need
  • Competitive Pricing on all your Records Storage and Information Management requirements associated with:
  • Hard Copy Records, Tapes, Shredding, Documents Scanning/Imaging, and Consulting Services
  • Timely Service Regardless of Location
  • Local Customer Care with National Support and Accountability