Make this your business’ most organized year yet!

January 13, 2021

2021 is here!

Did you forget to make a New Year’s resolution? Just because we are now into the new year, doesn’t mean it’s too late for your business to make a New Year’s resolution! Working on organization is something that any business can benefit from in more ways than one.

While the thought of organizing may sound exhausting and boring to some, the benefits that can arise from having an organized workplace are more than worth the effort. A more organized workplace generally leads to an increase in productivity, a reduction in stress level, and an increase in deadlines being met on time or early!

National Record Centers has been helping businesses across America become, and stay organized for 20 years. Our team has gathered the expertise to not only help your business improve its information organization, but also its data security and management. If improving your workplace’s organization sounds appealing to you, here are a few key places that are great to get an effective start on;

  • Calendar – What does your calendar look like? Do you use a calendar? Streamlining calendar use will ensure that your calendar does not become too cluttered. And if you don’t currently use a calendar, it can be a great way to visualize and organize your time over the coming hours, days, weeks or months.
  • Cellphone – Let’s face it; for many employees, the cellphone has become a hub for data collection, communication, time management and more. Sync your calendar and work email with your phone to stay on top. Worried about too many communications? Look into the “do not disturb” settings on your phone to silence notifications and alerts as needed.
  • Computer – With the computer being such a central hub for many employees in the digital era we live in, having it be an organized space can equal drastic improvements in the ability to locate important files and, in some cases, increase the speed of your machine.
  • Network and shared computer storage – Having an organized and easy-to-understand file system can make it easier for employees to locate files, and ensuring that only important files are kept, can maximize the efficiency of your storage space. A reliable backup solution can maintain this file-system if something goes wrong.

Filing cabinets – Many businesses still keep older records on file in filing cabinets, but what can happen is that when employees constantly use and remove files, they can end up in the wrong spot, or other documents can find their way into cabinets. Taking advantage of a digitization service such as document imaging, can not only improve the ease of access and speed of locating documents, but can also increase their security, and free up office space! For those who prefer to keep the paper copies but desire space, a reliable, accessible document storage solution may also provide positive results.

National Record Centers has 20 years of experience helping businesses become more organized and secure. As a member of PRISM our file storage and backup management solutions are among the highest quality in the country, and also we offer secure document and inventory destruction services.

If your business is ready to get serious about office organization and data security in 2019, talk to us today to find out how we can help you get started!