Small Businesses: Are You Paying Attention To Your Data Management?

November 13, 2020

As businesses continue to rely on the use of mobile devices and computers, the importance of safeguarding important information has grown to new heights. While many large businesses have taken steps to safeguard their data and communications, small businesses often neglect to do the same, not realizing that they are vulnerable to the very same risks. What’s more, because many small businesses do not take steps to protect their data, they become common and easy targets for thieves.

NRC has nearly twenty years of experience in information storage and management, and our experience has helped us guide many businesses to maintaining better document and information retention and disposal protocols. There are two areas that small businesses, like larger businesses, should focus on to improve their data security; physical information, and electronic information.

Physical Information

Physical information largely pertains to paper documents containing sensitive data. Many offices have implemented protocols to handle the safekeeping of physical information. Some have implemented policies such as including the clean-desk policy, while others have introduced professional shredding services into the workplace. In addition to these, document storage is vital for some businesses, especially those which rely upon physical copies that require safe and accessible storage. Small businesses can benefit from this practice just as much as bigger businesses can and do.

Electronic Information

Information contained on computer or server networks is considered electronic information. This information is easy to access without permission, thanks to determination of technology-savvy thieves. Small businesses often neglect their electronic backup and storage systems; this does them no favors.

Small businesses can protect their electronic information by maintaining a proper computer backup solution which periodically copies information from computers, and stores it on an external hard drive located on or off-site.

How NRC Can Help

Our e-backup and restore solutions can be designed to tailor the needs of small businesses. NRC’s off-site servers are monitored 24/7/365, and data can be recovered quickly as needed. We also ensure that clients have access to their data as needed; small businesses can take advantage of this as well.

For physical documents, our team of experts know how to handle and store physical documents containing sensitive data. If you’re in need of a service to destroy physical data, either routinely or for one-time only, we can help there as well! Our secure shredding services can be provided routinely to a schedule and budget that meets your needs, or for a one-time purge shred as needed.

Talk to our team of experts today. If you’re a small business, don’t hesitate to consider your options; we can help!